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This page is designed to help make your accordion experience that much more enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, I hope you will find this information useful.

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Charts & Info


This is a brief history of the beginnings of the accordion. Find out some interesting facts on how the accordion came to be.

If you want to make sure your accordion receives the proper care, check out our care sheet and see how to make sure your accordion is looking it's best.

Accordions come in all sizes. Learn the different bass ranges and find out what bass notes and chords you can play.

These are the various keyboard sizes on a standard piano accordion that accompany the different bass ranges.

These diagrams show the scales of the piano accordion.

This chart will gives you the range of the treble registers and their symbols.

These diagrams show the notation of the standard concertina in the key of GC.




Canadian Accordion Artists

Joseph Petric - His performances have invited accolades and a reappraisal of the concert accordion
Peter Baumann - A strolling entertainer with over 30 years experience that performs a wide variety of music.
Lucio Raggiunti - An organetto accordion player and a charismatic live performer with an international community appeal.
Claudio Santaluce - A very talented and entertaining organetto player.
Domenic's Accordion Page - If you like the accordion, and you like The Beatles, then this page is for you!
Elly Kelly - One of the great old time Newfoundland and Irish foot-stomping accordion players. She will be greatly missed.
Walter Ostanek - If you haven't heard of "Canada's Polka King" then waste no time getting yourself acquainted with this polka legend.
Anna Atkinson - A musician, singer, songwriter and composer. Anna is becoming a great young talent in the Toronto music scene.
The Lemon Bucket Orkestra - Toronto’s only Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-Party-Punk Super-Band. Say that five times fast!
Schnefsky - A happy AccordionsCanada customer having fun on Youtube. Check out all his videos and see why he's passionate about the accordion.
Sergiu Popa - A great accordionist in Montreal that specializes in Gypsy and Eastern European music.
Boxcar Boys - A Toronto-based group of five young performers that deliver a veritable gumbo of wild gypsy, old-jazz, klezmer, and folk music always performed with a good-time New Orleans spirit. 
Sandy's Music Studio - An accomplished musician and teacher who provides piano and accordion lessons in Milton, Ontario. 
Marin Nastirica - One of the world's outstanding virtuoso jazz and classical concert accordionists, based out of Montreal. Marin is also part of an exceptional trio called TriMaestro. This ensemble of musicians perform a wide variety of jazz, classical, gypsy and other international style music.  
Wade Tarling- Crafting his art for over 20 years, this B.C. pianist has study under many great artists and performed all over the world. He has also incorporated the accordion into his promising musical career.
Erlind Erebara - Check out these fantastic videos of Erlind playing classical musical on his Titano accordion he bought from us. J.S. Bach Toccata and Fugue D-minor & Paganini Moto Perpetuo.
Mario Bruneau - Is a composer and accordionist from Montreal.

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Canadian Accordion Resources

Canadian Accordion Club on Facebook - Although still in its infancy, this page gives Canadian accordionist of all levels a place to chat, share advice and organize events.
L'Association des Accordéonistes du Québec (ADAQ) - An association that's dedicated to progessing the accordion culture in Quebec.
Accordion Association of Calgary - A non-profit organization that helps bring the accordion to the people of Calgary.
Vancouver Squeezebox Circle - Learn about all the things happening with the accordion in Vancouver area.
Edmonton Accordion Society - Check out why there's an accordion extravaganza in Edmonton.
The Canadian Encyclopedia of Music - An article dedicated to the history of the accordion and it's role in Canada.
Bellows and Bows: Historic Recordings of Traditional Fiddle and Accordion Music from Across Canada - A 64 track CD featuring historically significant tracks from archival and personal collections paired with a 160 page book featuring archival photos, musician biographies and an extended essay on the social history of fiddle and accordion in Canada
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