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Weltmeister Piano Accordions



Perle  48 Bass

This is one of Weltmeister's smallest piano accordions with 26 keys and 48 basses. The Perle has 2 treble reeds and 3 switches. This instrument is a standard student model, but it could also be used by the professional looking for a light weight stage accordion. Weight: 12.5 lbs. 26/48/II/3.

Rubin 60 Bass

The physical dimensions of the Rubin is similar to the Perle, but it offers an additional 4 treble notes. This is accomplished by decreasing the size of the keys to 18 mm. The Rubin also has 12 more bass notes, which allows the player a little more flexibility if they do not require the diminished chords. Weight: 12.3 lbs. 30/60/II/3.

Juwel  72 Bass

The Juwel is quite simply that. No other model can give you 3 reeds and 72 basses in such a small and light package. For those who don't mind 18 mm keys, you can now have a full range of notes at a weight of only 13.7 lbs. 30/72/III/5.

Kristall 60 Bass

So you want a small 3 reed accordion but not small keys? The Kristall gives you all that and more. With 60 basses and weighing only 15.2 lbs, you can play all night without breaking a sweat. 30/60/III/5.

Achat  72 & 80 Bass

This is Weltmeister's first mid-range model that gives you 3 bass switches to choose from. In addition, you have 34 full size keys for a wider tone range. This model is ideal for an accomplished player who would like to down-size from a 96 or 120 bass accordion. Weight: 17.9 lbs. 34/72/III/5/3. The Achat 80 has the exact same specifications, but with 80 basses.

Topas III 96 Bass with Italian Reeds 

This is Weltmeister's version of a full-size 3 reed accordion. However, instead of having 120 basses, there are 96. This gives you a little extra manageability. Weight: 21.4 lbs. 37/96/III/7/3/.

Topas IV 96 Bass with Italian Reeds 

This model is a nice compact accordion with musette capabilities. There are 4 treble reeds with 11 registers for a wide selection of sounds. In the bass you have 4 reeds with 5 registers and 96 bass buttons. Weight: 22.5 lbs. 37/96/IV/11/5/.

Saphir 120 Bass with Italian Reeds 

This is a classic musette accordion with full size keys and a sleak design. There are 4 treble reeds with 11 registers for a wide selection of sounds. In the bass you have 4 reeds with 5 registers. This model would be a great addition for any player looking for a true musette accordion. Weight: 23.5 lbs. 41/120/IV/11/5/.





All Models Come Complete with Straps and Carrying Case


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