Warranty Policy on New and Used Accordions

All accordions are serviced, tuned and checked over before they are made available for sale.

There is a 6 month warranty on all used accordions and a 1 year warranty on all new accordions.

The warranty covers any notes that are not playing correctly or mechanisms that are not functioning properly. This includes such things as keys, buttons and switches. Broken reeds are not covered.  

If your accordion requires any touch up tuning within the warranty period, please contact us for an assessment.

The warranty does not cover wear and tear of straps, bellows and other external materials. In the unlikely event that a fixture (e.g. strap bracket, bellow strap or screw) comes off or is loose, we will reinstall it at no cost. Missing or damaged fixtures will be replaced if possible, but at an additional charge.

Any damage that is incurred to the accordion from misuse or improper storage is not covered by the warranty.

Customers are responsible for paying shipping costs to and from the store. See the Shipping and Repair Policies for further references.

Contact us through phone or email during the allotted warranty time to proceed.